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Helping Hand

A recent poll conducted in the UK by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows that there is the need for better efforts at neurodivergent inclusion. 72% of HR professionals who took part don’t consider neurodiversity part of their DE&I policy, with 17% unsure what “neurodiversity” means.

Organisations with DE&I programs that focus on neurodivergent candidates report increased employee engagement, productivity, innovation and revenue. Some prominent companies that currently have neurodiversity initiatives include Microsoft, Dell, and JP Morgan. These have seen increases in the latter as well as output quality and employee retention.


HR can set the tone and change the culture to accommodate neurodivergent individuals. Simple and low-cost adjustments to recruitment practices, work environment, and communication will give organisations access to a large, untapped pool of talent.


This service is bespoke to the organisation. I invite you to get in touch to discuss this in detail.

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