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"The Navigating the Neuroverse Course specifically for Autism & ADHD was an absolute lifesaver. I was waiting for a diagnosis for my daughter and meanwhile the school was providing minimal support for her. The course gave me so many useful tools to help my daughter with her challenges and to help me to understand her needs. I don't feel like I am failing as a Mother anymore. I realise I just didn't have the right tools for her which I do now and I am so grateful to The Bright Centre."

April 2023

Kerry, Navigating The Neuroverse Course

Helping Hand



What does the term Neurodivergence and Neurodiversity mean?


Neurodivergence is the term for when an individuals brain processes, learns, and/or behaves differently from what is considered as “typical”. Examples of Neurodivergency include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), sensory processing disorders, social anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome.


Neurodiversity was a term coined in the 1990s by journalist Harvey Blume and an Autism advocate and sociologist diagnosed with what was previously known as Asperger Syndrome, Judy Singer. It refers to a natural variation in the ‘kinds’ of brains in terms of development and that what is natural is beneficial. The Neurodiversity movement encourages inclusion and respect for everyone and encourages neurodiverse individuals to be seen for their strengths.



Who is this course for?


This course is for parents with Neurodivergent children (suspected or diagnosed), adults who suspect they are Neurodivergent, adults diagnosed with a Neurodivergency or family/friends/carers who want to better understand the mind of a Neurodivergent person.


Why should you do this course?


The current wait time for a diagnosis is from 18 months with the Government and around 6 months through private medical. Even after receiving the diagnosis the resources for support may not be readily available and can lead to you feeling lost and unsure of the right steps to take. This course enables you to take positive action and gain support today.


This course will help you to;


  • Understand Neurodivergency

  • Understand your own needs

  • Understand the needs of your children, family member or friend

  • Support you whilst you are waiting for a diagnosis

  • Support you if you have received a diagnosis and are confused with what next step to take

  • Learn tools to implement immediately to support your needs or the needs of your loved one


I am a Neurodiversity advocate and take a strength-based approach to all neuro types to help individuals not just survive in this world but thrive. I will help you on this journey of understanding and acceptance. I will support you in uncovering the strengths and advantages of Neurodivergency whilst recognising the challenges but not giving into the view that being Neurodivergent is an illness or a dysfunction that needs to be ‘fixed’.

What makes this course so unique?

  • It is not just general information. It is bespoke to you & your loved ones

  • The course includes the latest information

  • It is live & interactive not pre-recorded (you can catch up on demand after each session). This also helps you to stay accountable and complete the course

  • You get my support during the sessions and around the course

  • It includes information about autism, adhd & co-occurring conditions


When can I start this course?


The course start date is every Wednesday. It is a 6 week course that takes place across 6 consecutive weeks on a Wednesday at 7pm GMT for 90 minutes. 

What does this course cover?


  • An overview of Neurodivergency including Autism and ADHD

  • The crossover relationship with Autism and ADHD

  • Steps to take if you as an adult or your child are struggling in work, school and other areas of daily life

  • Autistic and ADHD traits - the stereotypes, obvious and less obvious traits

  • How to manage your Neurodivergency or your child’s Neurodivergency - Part 1

  • How to manage your Neurodivergency or your child’s Neurodivergency - Part 2


Course outcome

This course will give you a deeper understanding of;


  • Autism and ADHD to better understand how your brain or your childs brain works.

  • The close connection between Autism, ADHD and symptoms including anxiety which has led and can lead to misdiagnosis.

  • If you suspect that you or your child struggles due to Neurodivergency to gain some answers to implement strategies to help.

  • Traits of Autism and ADHD to be able to self-advocate or advocate for your child

  • Tools to manage; Autisic burnout, emotional intensity (including meltdown & overload), sensory processing, STIMming, masking, communication struggles/differences, relationship struggles/differences, executive functioning, special interests, proprioception (the awareness of our body during movement, force and position) and interoception (awareness and understanding of what’s going on inside the body such as hunger, thirst, tiredness, emotions, pain)

  • This course also provides you with professional and peer support, a safe, caring, non-judgemental space and guidance.


What else do I get with the course

  • You can connect with other people who are in the same or similar position as you taking part in the course

  • Support from myself throughout the course

  • Worksheets to do around the course to enhance your learning

  • Lifelong additional resources to support you

The Navigating The Neuroverse course costs £247

Register Now With Mental Health & Neurodiversity Expert, Tanya Bright

Resources To Help Neurodivergent People & Their Families Is Few & Far Between, You Don't Want To Miss This!

Here what some of my clients have to say....

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