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"At FBH, we pride ourselves on putting our people at the heart of everything we do. We decided that in order to reinforce this message, we would hold a “Wellbeing Workshop” for a group of homeworkers.  This was initially pre-pandemic.  We wanted to make them feel that even though their place of work was their home, their input to their teams was just as important and their well-being was paramount to us.  We invited Tanya Bright from the Bright Centre to hold a Well-being workshop.  Although I am unaware of all of the content of the workshop, the results based on tangible data were extremely positive – morale improved; sickness went to an all time low and we had zero leavers across the same period of time.  Now as working practices return post pandemic, we have re-run the Workshop again with fantastic feedback.  Even though there has not yet been enough time for measurable data, the evidence suggests that morale has been boosted and the teams feel that we support them.

I would highly recommend this workshop."

September 2019 & February 2022

Lorraine Bailey, HR Business Partner at F.B. Health

Helping Hand

22% of Autistic adults are in any kind of employment

ADHD impacts the workforce in that 1 out of 3 persons diagnosed with ADHD is jobless at any time.
Only 32% of people with mental illness are in work compared with 48% of people with physical disabilities and 80% of people who do not have physical or mental health conditions 

For every £1/$1 put into scaled up treatment for common mental disorders, there is a return of  £4/$4 in improved health and productivity in the workplace

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The Bright Centre has created 3 different programmes available to improve the support for people struggling with their neurodivergence and/or mental health in the workplace whilst working with your budget. They include a variety of services to help support your employees including a 1:1 coaching clinic, group workshops, wellbeing gift parcels, daily support and more.

One workshop per year does not provide the ongoing support that employees need. Mental health, like physical health, needs proactivity and continuation so it is important to start thinking about mental health support like a gym membership but for the mind.

At The Bright Centre, we advocate for neurodiversity which means that we understand that there are different kinds of brains that develop differently. This in turn means that each individual person has their own unique needs. We understand this and this is reflected in our programmes.

Our programmes are online for the benefit of most Company structures where employees work from home, in the office and in different locations. We can provide in-person support if this is preferable (location dependant).

Please get in touch to discuss your Company's needs and about how implementing one of our programmes can positively help your employees and as result the overall performance of your Company.


Click here to organise a free call at a time that suits you.


Leadership within a Company have a due diligence to their employees to ensure they are safeguarded at work. Health is part of safeguarding, the other areas being safety, discrimination and abuse. Safeguarding is usually practiced for vulnerable people such as those with a mental health struggle, a learning or physical disability. This is highly important and necessary. It is also imperative to safeguard everyone especially at a place of work where demands are high, functioning at high levels are frequent and where mental and physical health can become neglected which can lead to the decline of employee health.  

The Bright Centre provides leadership training to Management to be able to better support their staff. This includes training on mental health and neurodiversity using a strength-based approach to provide Management the tools to enable their staff to prosper.

All leadership programmes are created bespoke to suit your organisational needs.

To discuss leadership programme options please click here to book a free call.


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