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"Tanya taught me to believe in myself again after spending most of my life doubting myself. She is truly amazing and so good at what she does. She is always positive, supportive and encouraging in every session. Too be honest, there are no words that can express how truly grateful I am to her for turning my life around. Thank you so much.” Fiona, Mind Coaching Client

"Talking to Tan was a fantastic help, especially through the thick and thin of lockdown! The enthusiasm and belief Tan has toward life and other people is second to none. The Bright Centre has been a huge help on my physical and mental health.” Kieran, Mind Coaching Client


Understanding, confidence, healing, empowerment, strengths, gifts, clarity, peace, resilience, growth, power....are just some of the outcomes that you will gain through coaching.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental space where I listen to you and use my skills and experience to help you overcome your unique challenges to achieve the results that you want. I work to help you for the long-term by providing you with tools that you can store in your toolkit to use at anytime. Each session is tailored to you using the methods that are bested suited for your needs. 

I support you during our sessions and inbetween our sessions. This journey is not your journey, it is our journey. I promise that you will be respected, valued, seen and heard. 

I have experienced my own traumas in my lifetime of Dads (yes plural) leaving my Mum, myself and my sister, eating disorders; anorexia and bulimia as well as anxiety. I also always felt different, I didn't feel like I fit in. I didn't know who I was. In my early 20s I discovered not only did I have a different biological Father to all of my siblings but I was a different race! 

After this discovery I had to mask a lot of the time who I truly was whilst also trying to understand and re-identify myself. I am neurotypical however I understand what it feels like to have to mask who you are, to not feel like you can shine your unique and authentic light. My 4 out of 5 siblings are neurodivergent they are all ADHDers. My sister-in-law is an AUDHDer (Autistic and ADHD), my nephew also an AUDHDer. My own experience as well as the prominence of neurodivergency in my family led me to niche in this area.

Whether you identify as neurodivergent, neurotypical or you are unsure, it doesn't matter I have experience with all types of different beautiful humans. Everyone is different with different beliefs, views, perspectives and struggles and I am going to work with you to help you thrive. 

My training enables me to help young adults, adults and children through parental interventions.

Coaching is online so whereever in the world you are, I can help you. 

If you would like to discuss about how coaching can help you, organise a free call with me at a time that suits you or you can email me.

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