Upcoming Dates;

Date; TBC

Location; Bar Beyond, West Cliff Gardens, Bournemouth, BH2 5HL

Price; £10

Refreshments provided

Have you ever felt anxious, overwhelmed or stressed? 

Do you experience limiting beliefs and fears?

Do these feelings create obstacles for you?

I am going to take you on a journey to reclaim an enriched, meaningful and peaceful life by learning how to manage and overcome feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and fears.

You are not alone, we have all at some point in our lives been through this. Held ourselves back, doubted ourselves, maybe missed out on something as a result and have felt stressed and anxious.

The Recipe For a Brighter Life workshop aims to help people like yourself remove the feelings of stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed to lead a more meaningful, enriched & peaceful life. Especially at this time of year with the dark mornings and evenings, our mental well-being can be low.


The workshop will cover the following;

  • Understand anxiety, what it is, how it can change and how common it is

  • Establish the difference between feeling stressed, nervous, excited and anxious

  • Identify and understand the source of your stress and anxiety

  • Further educate about anxiety and its causes; sources, triggers and cognitive patterns

  • Provide tools to manage anxiety; identify the signs, symptoms, and treatments

  • Reduce stigma and identify myths and facts surrounding anxiety

  • Improve your confidence and courage

  • Overcome obstacles that hold you back such as phobias and bad habits

  • Improve your mental and physical wellbeing



Upcoming Course Dates;

Date; TBC

Location; Bournemouth, Dorset

Price; £50

Free parking & includes refreshments

This workshop is an introduction to Swedish Body Massage.

This massage workshop is great for complete beginners (singles or couples) wishing to use this with family or friends or those therapists who wish to brush up on their skills.

You will learn the basic techniques of massage and understand the benefits of massage.

This workshop is also suitable if you are thinking of moving into massage as a career. Perhaps you are not sure if massage is for you and you want to make sure before investing your money into longer training courses.This workshop will be ideal for you!

You will have the opportunity to find out all there is to know about massaging the main areas of the body; which areas hold most tension & how to release this tension.

You will get to learn a routine to use with family and friends and be able to indulge in a massage yourself.

You will be surprised how much knowledge and skills you will gain in this one workshop! Your workshop leader can help and advise you if you would like to take your training further.

If you are interested in learning how to massage so that you can treat your partner, then why not do it together as a couple?

If you wish to attend on your own, you will be teamed up with another person on the day so you do not have to bring a model with you.

Many people who attend this course often massage members of their family but just wish they knew how to do it more effectively, this workshop is ideal.

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend.

"The number of attendees is kept small so that I can teach very thorough, tried and tested massage techniques. I have been a physical therapist for 10 years and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise. I believe that initially you are only as good a therapist, as the person who is teaching you!" Tanya Bright