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“You have to have a BRIGHT centre on the inside to really shine on the outside” - Tanya Bright. 


When we are born and throughout our early years, we experience true inner peace. As we grow up we become influenced and shaped by external factors, losing sight of our authentic selves becoming servants to the struggles within our conscious minds. 


Begin your journey to reclaiming an enriched, meaningful and peaceful life as Tanya Bright guides you down a path of discovery to hopefully lead you to a better understanding of who you are and what your purpose is. She shares her toolkit of tried and tested techniques that can help to override feelings of stress, anxiety and/or feeling overwhelmed when faced with challenging situations.


Tanya shares her story of how she felt an ‘inner sparkle’ and her journey to identifying what her inner knowing was trying to tell her from a young age. Discover your inner sparkle, freedom and innate happiness.  


About Tanya Bright;

Tanya Bright is a personal development, empowerment and grounded spiritual mentor who has specialised in holistic wellbeing (focussing on the mind, body and spirit) for 15 years. She is an omnist, understanding that her clients come from all religions; some believing in a God, some in the Universe, and therefore writes with this in mind. She has a Masters in Science from King’s College London titled; The Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health, and is a Mental Health First Aider, enabling Tanya to work with clients by delivering the latest knowledge and research. Tanya’s long-long-term vision is to make a positive impact in the world by helping to better the lives of millions. 


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