• Tanya Bright

Fancy having the Recipe For A Brighter Life?

It might sound super cheesy, impossible or just so out of reach however the recipe for a brighter life is available and 100% in your reach.

We all experience the world differently because we all live in our own individual realities, we see the world from our own perspective. Therefore we have different thoughts and feelings and our actions can stem from these.

Have you ever experienced a time when your thoughts and feelings have held you back?

Do you feel that sometimes your life is negatively impacted as a result of your thoughts and feelings?

Have you have ever felt anxious?

You are not alone, we have all at some point in our lives been through this. Held ourselves back, maybe missed out on something as a result and have felt anxious.

I have created a programme called Recipe For a Brighter Life to help people like yourselves remove the feelings of stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed to lead a more meaningful, enriched & peaceful life.

The programme is a 2 week online programme that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

The programme teaches the following;

* Understanding anxiety, what it is, how it can change and how common it is * Identify and understand the source of your anxiety

* Further educate about anxiety and its causes; sources, triggers and cognitive patterns

* Provide tools to manage anxiety; identify the signs, symptoms, and treatments

* Reduce stigma and identify myths and facts surrounding anxiety

* Improve your confidence and courage

* Overcome obstacles that hold you back such as phobias and bad habits

* Improve your mental and physical wellbeing All I ask is that you dedicate 10 minutes of your time for 14 days to make positive changes to your life!

For more information about the Recipe For A Brighter Life programme please email;


"I really enjoyed the concept of having some time for me each day. Overall I found the two weeks enlightening and useful so Thank you."


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