• Tanya Bright

Do we really have the freedom to make choices?

The simple answer to this question is yes. But is it really a free and subjective choice or is it influenced? Influenced by society, the media, our peers....the western world overall.

From a young age we are taught about independence and within that the ability to make our own choices and at that making the right choices.

But how much of these choices are highly influenced by our surroundings? You can argue that most of them are if not all. It takes a lot of wisdom and courage to question what we are taught from the government, corporations and individuals. We are not encouraged to speak up if we have a difference of opinion and if we ask 'why', sometimes there is no valid reason and/or we are told 'it just is' or 'thats what THEY say'. Do you ever question who 'THEY' are when 'THEY' are referred to? I certainly do.

Keeping this post short and sweet, as I promise with all my blog posts, we have choices in everything we do. If you feel that you don't you may well have a valid reason, but for some of you, and of course myself at times, we use our perceived lack of choice as an excuse. In certain cases we just need to seek support and advice.

Thinking about keeping fit, have you ever said 'I don't have the time'?. The truth is you do have the time, you just have to prioritise. So then the choice is between keeping fit vs that extra half hour in bed or that TV show, for example. What is the best choice here?

In the case of looking after your health; maybe you have been suffering causing you a physical inability and you need to have a massage but you choose to spend your money instead on a coffee or lunch out? You could choose to spend this on your body which is absolutely the better choice. We only have 1 body and 1 life, so look after it!

We aren't encouraged to choose wisely but I highly encourage you to start being true to yourself and make decisions based on what your gut is telling you and not on all the mumbo jumbo in your head which is highly influenced.

Please stop making decisions out of fear of being judged by other people. And just remember that you always make the right choice at that time with the information you have.


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